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HEMT is fully capable to design and manufacture optimized 2-phase, 3-phase and 4-phase production and well test separators either in horizontal or vertical design, that can efficiently separate the well effluent into three constituents: Gas, Oil, and Water, (and Sand in case of 4-Phase) to enable these processed fluids to be individually measured and directed for collection, burning/flaring, or controlled disposal, depending on the application.

Separator operating parameters will vary according to the fluid type and flowing conditions for optimized separation and is achieved by controlling pressure and fluid levels within the vessel.

Client can customize the separator according to their requirement for internals of the separator vessel from the following internals offered:

Inlet Diverter / Vane Diffuser / Half Pipe / Pipe with angular Plate / Schoepentoeters
Inlet Cyclone
Baffle Plates / Perforated Distributor Plates.
Weir Plates
Mesh Type Coalescers / Plate Packed Type Coalescers / Corrugated Plate Coalescers
Foam Breaker / Defoamer
Vane Mist Eliminator / Cyclone Mist Eliminator / Mesh Mist Eliminator
Vortex Breaker
Solid Removing Cyclones.


Once stable process conditions prevail, gas, oil/condensate, and water rates can be measured in the gas and liquid meter runs on the separator outlet lines. The vessel is protected from overpressure by two independent safety relief valves on a contained vent line.


Offshore and land operations
Drillstem testing
Well cleanups
Production/well testing
Early-production facilities


Pressure, temperature, and sampling ports on inlet and outlet lines enable maximum measurement and sampling in all phases.
Full-bore bypass manifold with isolation valves enables routing of inlet effluent to gas, oil, and water outlets.
Check valve fitted to vessel inlet nozzle.
Configuration and flexibility of internal components allow use of a standard Man-way.
FISHER® liquid meters enable analog and digital recording options.
Internally coated with Belzona® 1391 for protection and extended vessel life.
CSC/DNV certified frame and skid enable stacking of units for increased durability and mobility. Four-point lifting sling and integral forklift pockets provide flexibility to handling and movement.


Besides offering standard separators, HEMT offers customized solutions for separators depending on client’s requirement. Client can choose from a wide variety of instrument and control systems and vessel internals to suit their process conditions.


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