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Engineered and fabricated at our API, ISO facility in Nizwa, the system is used to remove sand, Frac balls and other solid particles from high pressure and high yield gas well effluent to prevent erosion of downstream equipment. Typical application for the unit includes completion cleanups, maximum sand-free rate tests, gas well production, testing and sand control after well fracturing. SMS (sand trap) is typically located after wellhead assembly.

Designed and engineered locally.
Modular Design- Smallest foot print ever ( 50m2)
Able to handle large amounts of solids, more than 2000 kg/ SAND TRAP at a time.
Wider operating envelope, fluid mix, slurry density, volumes etc.
Designed with efficiency improvements, easier rig up and HSE exposure reduction.
Continuity of operations by minimizing interruption to flowing well.
SAND TRAPS are trailer mounted and installed in series, capturing more than 99% solids
Takes less than 3 hours to spot and rig up.
Allows “clip-on” well testing (separator or MPFM).
Can handle 3 million cubic meters of gas with 2,500 cubic meters of fluids.


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