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H.E.M.T is the first company in Oman to manufacture a trailer mounted 10,000 psi Stimulation Pumping Units, with significant improvements in design through innovation and ease of use which ultimately renders more user friendly environment and less maintenance intensive.
H.E.M.T took the lead in introducing Hybrid Flush-by Units that are now capable of pulling tubular in addition to regular well services like the running of sucker rods, insert pumps, flushing, and a number of maintenance jobs that would otherwise require a complete work-over hoist . Once again, these units are proving to be extremely valuable assets to the end users, and for sure they will be the benchmark for things to come.
We service all major NOCS, IOC and manufacture different products for different clients. We also provide services to our clients in UAE and Iraq on regular basis, which proves exponential growth of our Company.
H.E.M.T started late in 2013 to manufacture certain parts for a very reputable actuator company in the UK. They have endorsed and embraced our quality products and are currently engaged in dialogue with other British companies to start manufacturing for them.

Sultanate of Oman
Nizwa Industrial Estate,
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